F&C Family God bless you!!
F&C Family God bless you!! Pred 21 uro
Congratulations mom xx
Christopher Stubbs
Christopher Stubbs Pred 21 uro
I can't understand why reviewers keep calling the Honda E modern. Park it next to a Mk1 civic and then tell me again.
Skywalker Clone
Skywalker Clone Pred 21 uro
Ek9 with the new turbo type r motor swap would be tits
Klemen Sedej
Klemen Sedej Pred 21 uro
Mat and Yani,you are so funny.Cant stop watching you.
Gray Willison
Gray Willison Pred 21 uro
The Ford was 2014 ?
Alex Hakobyan
Alex Hakobyan Pred 21 uro
F80 is getting gappped
Seek The Essence
Seek The Essence Pred 21 uro
Call it “Tesla City” Yep, keep it simple stupid”
Valet297 Pred 21 uro
Alliteration Aficionado
Alliteration Aficionado Pred 21 uro
That Mercedes aged badly 😖
John Huang
John Huang Pred 21 uro
Regardless of how good the "competition" will be, I will be buying Tesla cars for the years to come. 10 years ago Elon Musk invested and believed in Tesla EV and started to push it into a world dominated by ICE incumbants which all are considered "competition" now. These old auto makers are just going into EV now just for the sake of keeping their business from vanishing because they never believed nor supported the EV movement right from the start. All these legacy makers care about is $$$. So in the spirit of the crazy first mover in EV cars, I will stick with Tesla. Go Elon!
Sándor Bence
Sándor Bence Pred 21 uro
If they put a large battery pack into the G class chassis it could be easily over 3 tons, what a monster.
bunnyman Pred 21 uro
day 1 of asking carwow to have a bike race and a electric scooter one
Isaac Dean
Isaac Dean Pred 21 uro
It looks like a car embodiment of Simon Cowel after his doggy surgery’s
MeesterDash Pred 21 uro
Electric? Dont care.
RSA sniperッ
RSA sniperッ Pred 21 uro
Please do the Mercedes c63 amg black series vs the evolve BMW M5
Alpha_Kralle Pred 21 uro
Dude... this channel.... since Grand Tour is specials only and Top Gear does not exist anymore... my go-to source for (sometimes not too serious) car-stuff! <3
Dennis Kipphardt
Dennis Kipphardt Pred 21 uro
Seth Pinnock
Seth Pinnock Pred 21 uro
It's great that you mentioned the name of the channel for a moment there I thought it was 'CarMoM'. When is Mom returning to the channel?
youtabalization Pred 21 uro
how much did hummer pay you. look at the tires. how is that fair
BenneBoii Pred 21 uro
"old-manish" is the best way to describe Volvo. No matter the price of the car or the technology in them their interior design and dashes are boxy, old-school and boring.
THE TRACKCAR Pred 21 uro
Not sure why the G wagon is priced how it is more than their coupe super car. It’s not like they sell more G wagons.
TheSlimeyLimey Pred 21 uro
Lame pathetic click bait title. New means something that wasn't but now is. The "new" electric G class isn't because it does not exist. I wish SLus had a keyword filter that would allow me to block all videos with the word "new" in the title because this crap is getting old. Here's a great idea for next weeks video: "Drag race!!! New Cybertruck vs New electric G wagon" where Matt spends 10 minutes guessing which might win if the existed.
Russell Sneddon
Russell Sneddon Pred 21 uro
Great mum! Great car! She made the right choice.
Jer EE
Jer EE Pred 22 urami
that c63 is basically a german muscle car
D. Ande Ward
D. Ande Ward Pred 22 urami
Price goes off of "Supply and Demand" .. so .. the Vette is pushing upwards of $80-up ..
Suhail Jamil
Suhail Jamil Pred 22 urami
What a job this guy has.... Wow. Endlessly catapulting cars down the runway and reviewing them. 😍
KHOR JIN RUI Moe Pred 22 urami
Pls buy a Tesla
schmoosmith Pred 22 urami
Why is the title ‘mom’? Are you American?
Dima Sirbu
Dima Sirbu Pred 22 urami
Mercedes and bmw 👁 👁
Awm Joeyjoejoe
Awm Joeyjoejoe Pred 22 urami
Captain Sisko approves.
Dragan Ugrenović
Dragan Ugrenović Pred 22 urami
This is the funeral of the auto industry
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar Pred 22 urami
Audi is all-time favourite and great, thumbup to Audi 👍✌️
Arsenic Pred 22 urami
Hybrids are the worst of both worlds. Either go all ICE or go all electric. Anything inbetween is a cheat!
Dien Auto
Dien Auto Pred 22 urami
I had a V8 63, now a V6 AMG, sooner a V4? lol 😄, then finally a VE, sorry a EV. We'll miss thermic engines, nothing better than a V6+ AMG
André Silva
André Silva Pred 22 urami
The BMW is very good and the sound is the best
Debojyoti Saha
Debojyoti Saha Pred 22 urami
Brother Land rover is owned by Indian Tata auto mobile company.... Not by the British auto mobile company....
Chris N Design
Chris N Design Pred 22 urami
I recently rented a Model 3 for a week and let me tell you.. it's incredible. I own two sportscars and the Model 3 just absolutely zooms. I understand why people are Tesla fans now.
Strode 66
Strode 66 Pred 22 urami
Wouldn’t the Model 3 be a winner with the NSX STYLE BODY. To me the m3 is a super car designed to look like mum shopping trolley. Why not look the way it moves 🤔
Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox
Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox Pred 22 urami
You're parents
Alabama Chicken
Alabama Chicken Pred 22 urami
Race starts at 06:05
Shad Ahmad
Shad Ahmad Pred 22 urami
BBC should hire this guy, funny and entertaining addictive car reviews. Top class!!
Cassius Pred 22 urami
Old supras are so boring. They all look the same
i_luv_hintie Pred 22 urami
what is 200 mph in kmh
Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s
Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s Pred 22 urami
Who else thought this was forza?
Samneet S Wilkhoo
Samneet S Wilkhoo Pred 22 urami
I wonder, from what world do I come after watching this one. I guess, I can only seek in, just breathe and live out my days in meditations...
Nils Hamacher
Nils Hamacher Pred 22 urami
Why do you compare a 40k Model 3 with an ~60k XC40 instead comparing the model s, though?
Lucas Still
Lucas Still Pred 22 urami
Designing an electric G-Class makes about as much sense as turning off your central heating at home to save money, and then staying warm by burning Pablo Picassos... Even so... I COMPLETELY approve 😂
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash Pred 22 urami
Well f1s are made for high acceleration plus just look at the weight difference
hakou hak
hakou hak Pred 22 urami
The Renault Clio 2003 1.4 Gasoline would be a tough challenger , my father's friend drove it for 500km without Oil
Kaleab Melkie
Kaleab Melkie Pred 22 urami
So pretty much every billionaire is either in tech or fashion?
philippe honore
philippe honore Pred 22 urami
I so love to watch you together! You're the greatest, hard to beat.
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer Pred 22 urami
Removes 100kg and then 100kg men buy this car hmmm :/
Sohail Pred 22 urami
Am glad she won tesla
Muhammed Aboobacker
Muhammed Aboobacker Pred 22 urami
I like it 🇮🇳
Gio Z
Gio Z Pred 22 urami
Gtr 1900hp😈
setara sultana
setara sultana Pred 22 urami
Edit is alright, mat😒😒
Frosch Bube
Frosch Bube Pred 22 urami
Shuang Shuang
Shuang Shuang Pred 22 urami
65k vs 120k
Pegasus Pegasus
Pegasus Pegasus Pred 22 urami
The stats don’t warrant the extra money. Plus they both look s**tv
marko trbeznik
marko trbeznik Pred 22 urami
F... EqG
Musicismyremedy Pred 22 urami
Not my cup of tea this electric cars movement. End of a real good motoring times
10B41 Vaishnav Chole
10B41 Vaishnav Chole Pred 22 urami
Tesla model S Plaid : hold my bear
Mary N
Mary N Pred 22 urami
Why did he spell it the American way ‘mom’ instead of ‘mum’? 😒
I Pred 22 urami
I legit thought it was a photoshop looking at the thumbnail and it’s totally looks like video game graphics
TheMuddatrucker Pred 22 urami
Give me a 20+ year old Volvo over any of those new things any day of the working week.
Park laishram
Park laishram Pred 22 urami
I never skip
Avin Kavish
Avin Kavish Pred 22 urami
What are hybrid turbos?
Grumpy Spud
Grumpy Spud Pred 22 urami
So do electric off-road vehicles plug into tree stumps to charge? I mean, you go and fill up a jerry can or 2 with petrol and bring it with you, done deal. How do these electric off-roaders fair against a full days worth of off-road driving or what about exploring for a few days. How will you get back home?
Vincent KC
Vincent KC Pred 22 urami
these vain flamboyant electric car nonsense need to stop.
BHARATH B Pred 22 urami
The birdie was quicker than the two cars!
Gio Z
Gio Z Pred 22 urami
1500hp audi
Артур Арутюнян
Артур Арутюнян Pred 22 urami
no jaguar i pace
Tzwixi Pred 22 urami
so now you become a daddy (congrats by the way :) ) now we want the craziest baby seat review.
MonsterManish Pred 22 urami
Why spend so much money only to blow the car in performance
Gordon Hutton
Gordon Hutton Pred 22 urami
the Tesla Tickler
charlie dee
charlie dee Pred 22 urami
Imagine the difference with a driver that actually knew how to drive a manual.
Ognjen Kekeric
Ognjen Kekeric Pred 22 urami
joshua2012 van indo
joshua2012 van indo Pred 22 urami
audi rs6 wins 7:14